We are a family transportation firm, and we are proud of it.

We have started our business in 1991 and haven’t stopped doing it since then.

We mainly provide international transport to and from Western Europe. You can meet our trucks in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland, sometimes in Austria, Italy and Denmark. In addition to international transport, we also provide other logistical solutions, for example, intercompany transportation, cost grouping, and short-term and long term storage. 

Our premises are situated at the international route Hradec Králové – Wroclaw, and they have been constantly upgraded. The premises include the facilities (offices, a workshop, warehouse, parking, car wash, and gas station) and an industrial railway we can use. We have been steadily developing a technical base for a multinational company, but we are still a family company.

Our team

We think that our greatest strength is in the team that drives our company. We have been consistently building mutual relationships on a long-term basis. We have a low staff turnover and a homely working environment.

  • Jan Pišta

    Junior technician who has worked for the company since 2016. Jan studied logistics and computer science. Now, he analyzes technical data to optimizes and suggest solutions for improving technical areas.

  • Radek Vajsar

    Junior dispatcher who has worked for the company since 2013. Radek uses the experience that he gained as a driver for a foreign transport company.

  • Jana Petráčková

    Milan’s wife and another member of the company family. Jana joined the company in 2015, during the generational change, and she utilizes the experience that she gained in the field of finance and HR when she worked for a multinational company outside the transportation segment.

  • Milan Petráček

    The successor of the family tradition. Milan has worked for the company since the beginning, 1991, when he was a student. Since the establishment of the Ltd. company in 2004, he has been the Managing Director, and now, he is a business associate, owning 70% of the company.

  • Lada Richterová

    Senior staff member who has worked with us since 1998. Before the Czech Republic joined the EU, Lada took care of customs declarations; later she started managing the Intrastat agenda, and now, she manages also other administrative and accounting activities of the company.

  • Radek Krbal

    Radek has worked for the company since 2005. He graduated in traffic engineering, and now, he works as a dispatcher, helping also with the trade.

  • Radek Rezek

    Senior dispatcher who has worked for the company since 2003. He is the only dispatcher who remembers the transformation of a small business into an Ltd company.


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Our Fleet

We care about the transport quality, and security, and about our environment. That is why we have been constantly modernizing our fleet. Currently, we operate more than half of our trucks for the international road haulage, in compliance with EURO 6; the rest of the trucks meet the EURO 5 and EEV standards. We follow the latest trends in the road haulage, especially in ecology and economy. If suitable and if the client is interested, 

we can use a CNG trailer truck for more environmentally friendly transportation. 80% of our current fleet consists of Scania trailer trucks. In total, we own 33 trucks; 29 of them are trucks for international transport, and the remaining trucks are used for other logistical projects for specific customers. We hire Czech drivers from the region and train them regularly to drive in a safe, defensive, and economic way.


Our typical client is a manufacturing company trading with foreign, mostly EU, countries that needs to transport goods quickly, safe, and without any interruptions to export or import. We are interested in creating long-term partnerships with our customers to be able to develop and improve our services. Of course, we offer perfect services even in the case of non-recurring orders.

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The largest group of our employees are international road haulage drivers. We create conditions to their satisfaction and we regularly train them to reach the destinations in time, safely, and in the most economical way.

Since perfect services require not only drivers, but also a much wider team, our company employs dispatchers, administrative staff, warehouse operators, car mechanics, and security staff, as well.

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